OCU-One Year Old

Today, April 26 is for me a memorable day because OCU Class One is celebrating its first anniversary and it has deservedreliable reputation.

Proud of them.

This class keeps high spirits from the beginning of the day and they are the first to do the morning exercise every day.

This class has a good sense of obeying the school rules and they are the first to keep quiet before class.

This class knows why to work hard and how to work hard. They keep themselves focus on A- Level courses. They surprised us by getting 8A and 4A* in mathematics, 8A in physics, and  5A in economics...  

They know when to play and play hard. Yu sings French songs. Liu dances like a beautiful bird. Yang can act as a magician. Huang and Xiang play guitar fluently. Cui and Wang like mash-ups of the songs. Qi could show himself by performing clapper talks. Do then precious and Shanshan have gifts of  drawing, painting and dancing. Super Hengheng enjoys raising flowers and losing weight. What eleven talents!!!  

  Coming-of-age Ceremony

Last Sunday, April 21, the whole class attended the grand coming-of-age ceremony on the playground. They kept fresh and energetic all  day to meet their own moment-to carry on the duty of being a grown-up. Their parents came with the following:

 One Letter. Each of the parents spent days and nights to write down a long letter to their kids. Listen to their retelling.

I was too moved to recall my kids growth and tears kept dropping down onto the writing paper.

This is the ever best time for us to communicate .

This is the only time that we did not argue.

This is the first time I wrote to her, too nice!

I talked much in my dream so I described it to him in the letter

Two Hearts. Mum and dad poured to the ceremony with their light paces, bright eyes and generous hearts. They hope to bring hope,stimulation and determination to their kids. The joyful time was that two hearts+ smiled together.

Three Gifts. Each of the parents was too clever by half because they were asked to give three items to their kids at the ceremony. Wow, look at the different collections. An E dictionary+a book+dairy foods; A sausage+an egg+an egg; a one-hundred-day photo+the acceptance letter from Hengshui High School+a card of Cambridge...

Kids Insight Voice

I am Wang Yueheng from OCU class and I have been one of the members in this class for one year until now. In the past one year, I have learned a lot about both how to study and how to live happily in everyday life. Here I was studying and will be studying A level courses and IELTS courses. In the examination in October last year, I got one A* in mathematics and two A in Physics and Economics. This March, we took the IELTS examination and I was also satisfied with my scores. Next week we are going to attend theremaining A level examinations and I hope to get all my scores reach A*.

Also, I have learned how to manage my time because I have to allocate every second for study of different subjects. I can make one timetable which contains both the studying time and the leisure time, and I think by doing this I can do every thing most efficiently.

Time has never stopped. The road before us is wider but there are more challenges to pull through. I have to make every effort to achieve my goal and only in this way will the dream come true.

I am Yu Baoyang. Today is April the twenty-sixth, 2019, the 1st year anniversary of the formation of our Class OCU. Looking back at those past time, I feel those are really treasures of my life.

In Senior 1, I firstly attended the test and interview of the international centre of Hengshui No.1 High School and then moved from the North Campus of Hengshui High School to South Campus, becoming a member of the class OCU, a group consists of 11 youngsters pursuing dreams together. OCU means ‘See U in Oxford and Cambridge Universities’.

People: I met 10 other new classmates with different accents, personalities and from different place including Tangshan, Shijiazhuang, Qinhuangdao, Handan and Baoding. Time spend with them are relaxing, enjoyable without any pressure and worries. Besides, I became students and also friends of teachers of the Class OCU, they gave me instruction on learning A-level courses and IELTS courses, as well as the guidance on my life.


Events: During this one-year period, a number of events happened in the international centre. only two months after the formation of Class OCU, the International Cultural and Educational festival began, my work includes the entertainment and interpretation for students, teachers and other guests from over 20 nations including the U.K., Russia and Australia. Moreover, just a few days ago, I attended the magnificent and well-designed coming-of-age ceremony of Hengshui High School, the feelings of gratitude to parents, teachers and my motherland became deeper and deeper in my mind.


Progress: After the study of the whole year, I made great progress compared with one year before. I now have a deeper understanding of different subjects, a wider global horizon and a great improvement in personalities as well as learned more about the culture and conventions of other countries.

I attended the CIE A-level AS examination in October and an IELTS examination in March, got A A A in Mathematics, Physics and Economics and a overall band 7 in IELTS including 8 in Listening, 8.5 in Reading and 6 in Writing and Speaking. In addition, I am now preparing for the coming A2 exam in May and June.

The past one year in the international centre brings me long-lasting relationships, exciting experiences and much progress and it was really enjoyable and unforgettable. The time still goes and I will stay with OCU for the coming Senior 3. One day the dream would come true as long as I make every effort towards the goal.

I am Qi Xiangshun. Time passes quickly like a white pony’s shadow across a crevice. In 26th, April 2018, a group consists 6 boys and 5 girls was formed at International communication centre. We come from different hometowns, different departments and different classes., but we have a common ideal—going to the world’s top universities—Oxford and Cambridge are our highest goals, so the class was named OCU.

During the year, we have plenty of gains. for me, firstly, I got some ideal scores, A star for Mathematics and A for AS Physics. I am working hard to prepare the next examination in order to catch a higher score.

Secondly, I think I have an improvement in my emotional quotient (EQ). In July, 2018, our school held English summer holiday and invested a lot of foreign friends from over 20 different countries including Britain, Australia, Russia and so on. I was appointed as an assistant in regular senior high school. This is my first time to have such a close touch with a large number of foreigners. I improved my English level and enjoyed myself at the same time. Finally, I have a long and pure friendship with my five brothers and five sisters from OCU. Every of us has specific character and every character is respected in OCU class.

OCU is eternal until time is stopped. At the 1st year anniversary of formation of OCU class, best wishes to all of members!

I am Liu Qianyi.Today a year ago, our class was established, I know my classmates and we have experienced a lot, from doing summer camp to cultural and arts festival volunteer activities, there are still a lot of feelings. Everyone has different points of light and everyone has their own little temper although not so perfect in our class. What happens is closely gathered together. This is our best ocu I love this class, not because of how close we are, but because I met them in the best years of youth, and then we I've had the best years ever.

I am Cui Xiangyu from OCU class. Happy the first anniversary!

I cannot believe that one year has already gone and will never come back. This is the first year staying in the international department. Thinking of the beginning of the life in there, i still remember it as it just happened yesterday. The feeling changed from inquisitive to familiar and habitual made me delighted and unforgettable.

There is a class named OCU in the corner of the fourth floor which is formed by eleven classmates including me. The name has its own deep meaning and held infinite hope. Since we have only eleven students in this class, we are more familiar with each other and look our class as the home, filled with love and warmness. Uncountable stories happened to us during this year, such as international cultural festival, A-level exams and IELTS exam...... We laughed, we cried, we played and lived together. I cannot say that our class is the best all over the china even the world, but i can proudly say that our class must be the most friendly and harmonious class i have experienced.

Sometimes there are classmates and teachers asked me the same question,”did you regret to come to this class?” i have struggled firstly, however, my final answer was no. If i had a chance to start over, i would make the same choice decisively.

Show my love to OCU! Hope OCU stay forever!

I am Yang Peiyu. Today is the anniversary that I went to the international communication center, which was an impulse decision, but really a turning point in my life.

Actually, I never have the mind to study abroad in the four-year period at university until I arrived there and had a knowledge of the A-Level course. Meanwhile, I found that there was a wider and interesting world waiting for me and I could entre the world in an easier way.

Without intense study in regular department, I can spend more time in reading, exercising, sort of things that I have no time to do before. Every last class, I pick a book form the case to have a 40-minute reading and consequently, I nearly read over 10 books in four months, over the sum of books that I have read before in the regular department.

Certainly, the foreign course also gives a sense that I am an English student because I can learn what I like rather than all subjects. Also, it is more accessible for me to ask teachers some suggestions due the small class. As a result, there is more time for me to discuss with teachers.

At last, I really believe that I have greatly improved and become a bilingual person with deep mind. This decision must be the most bright star in my life.

My name is Du Zeqi. Until now, I have been to the International Department of Hengshui NO.1 high school for a whole year.

Actually, I’m very appreciate the opportunity to be admitted to this class. And also grateful to school for setting up our class. We are really happy here.

When I first came last year, I was very very nervous because I was afraid that my classmates would not like me, and worried about I would be incompatible with the International Department, afraid that I would not be suitable for this course, and so on.  However, I was quite nervous but also with a little excitement and hope I can have a brighter life in the International department. When I left the north campus, every teacher told me that this is a wonderful chance for me to improve myself and also a challenge for me. I knew I should work harder than before and master more English skills to improve my English level.

When I came there, I knew how is international education and felt the charm of English. We learned A-level courses which is one of the academic courses in foreign countries.

Teachers here are very beautiful and handsome(Haha~) ! The most important is that our teachers are full of knowledge and responsible for their students, we are like their children. They are not only our teachers in study, but our spiritual tutor. Everything can talk to them even the inner feeling.

I also have 10 lovely and interesting classmates. We are best friends in the whole life. Just 11,and only 11. We will work together to create a bright future! We believe!

Our class was established in 4.26 in 2017, and named OCU. I like this name, it means Oxford and Cambridge Universities. another meaning is Oh! See you! As time flies, I gradually understand the name- we can say “Oh!See you!” in the campus after we go to university and also we will say “ Oh! See you!” in the future. When we graduated from college, work, get married , have babies...... Maybe we never thought about these now, but actually one day we will face time these. No matter how time changes, I hope we will always be the best. We are the best! OCU is the best! Hope we all achieve our dreams!

I love every teacher, classmate, and love everyday that I spent on the international department. These are the bright stars in my life, thank you for illuminating the road ahead of me.

I am Wang Zheqi. One year passed by, everything seems different, especially me. But what’s the real difference? In some ways I was still that young teenager, who have so many questions towards life. But I could say my goal has become clearer, that is to set myself into a higher position, and to see a wider world. At that time, I could say I will have clearer understanding about the real life.

To be honest, just one sentence impressed on the wall of the building could make me spend a lifelong time to think and achieve it, that is ”embrace the world, keep eyes on the future”.

So now when I try to memorize the things happened when I first walked into the gate of the international communication centre, the very first thing come to my mind would not be the confusion I felt at that time, but only the passion towards the unknown future life. This kind of feelings would not fade away, and the time I spent in this place will accompany me for the rest of my life.

I am Wang Yueshan. Times flies. Looking at the calender, I realized that I have already transferred to the International department for a year. And that is also to say OCU’s first anniversary is coming. Looking back to the last two terms, I learned a lot and also gained a lot. In the following paragraphs, I want to talk about the differences between national and international education and my harvest.

To begin with, the courses we are learning now are more flexible. Although we have to deny that even if taking A level exam we can still not get rid of exam-oriented environment, we have more freedom in course selection. We can choose which subject we learn on our own according to the major we want to choose during postgraduate study so that the courses we learned lay a solid foundation for our further study. Compared with the national exam, answers of international exam are more open. There isn’t too much template or even a especially in Economics. We need to share our own idea combined with the knowledge we learned.

Furthermore, I have a more clear goal and a clear plan about the major I want to study, my future career after learning international courses. During our school time, we have more time to consider what kind of majors are more suitable for us through different kinds of activities. We have more free time to take part in some competitions and projects, read more academic books to expand our horizon and have a deeper understanding of the degrees we want to choose in university and to make our PS more attractive as well.

Also, I make a lot of friends from the whole country and even make friends with British. I get to know more peers who are really excellent and extraordinary and learn from them.

Escaping from the pressure of Gaokao, we are facing new challenges. This is the path that we chose by ourselves and certainly we will pursue it with excellence.

All in all, thanks for meeting. Thanks for the time that we met the best of us and spent the best part of our youth together.

I am Huang Yihang. In this year, I met many good teachers and helpful and help,I I feel I have gained a lot and grown a lot.It felt like that OCU is my home.

Today is the first anniversary of OCU. Looking back on the past, we have grown from strangeness to intimacy.We have experienced many exams and participated in a variety of activities.In this process, our friendship is more profound, wonderful memories are more worthy of nostalgia.

I will love OCU forever!

I am Xiang Yaxuan. It has been nearly two years since I came to the international department. I still remember that William was the first one to take over our class. He embraced our youth and gave us all our resources. Apart from the first year of high school, many things happened in grade 11. Our OCU class was set up on April 26, 2018. To be honest, it was hard for me to understand why the school leaders recruited so many ordinary students with us. But in later study and life, they told me the questions I do not understand and helped me in many sectors of life. For example, my classmates took care of me when I am sick and so on. And our teachers, everyone of them is very very dedicated, devoted to teaching us all the knowledge, care for us and encourage us. It is said that we should remember the one who holds the umbrella for you in the rain, who holds you tight in the dark, and those who laugh with you and cry with you. It is these people that make me to feel the warmth of my life, the warmth that keeps me out of the shadows, the warmth makes me kind. 

So thank you very much for our meeting, how lucky to meet you! Finally,happy birthday to our OCU~~


Thanks for all the 11 kids excellent behaviour of the year.

Thanks for the 14 teachers selfless accompanying the kids.

Thanks for Deputy Wangs wise guiding us.

Thanks for the further vision of the school.  

Thanks for the parents geiliable support.

注:geiliable 自造词, 给力的